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    Where Are We Headed?
    ~~Ms. Stevens~~

    I am amazed at where this world is headed, which is in a downward spiral. Where we are too focused on race, wealth and what we believe is ours for the taking. It is such a desolate situation. Let’s just speak on the massive depletion of the world’s resources (gifts). What will we do when we run out? Where will we turn? We can’t try and build alliances with other countries and then take them for what they have, or when we create a massive problem try to sweep it under the rug. Although we try to see it that way here in America, it doesn’t work that way. Eventually each place will retaliate. Some already have. Then there is the lack of concern of the children in the world, who are constantly exploited through prostitution as well as used as labor around the world. I squirm in my seat as my eyes scan and read the words in front of me. It hurts my heart to think of what these children our going through. We as Americans spend over 13 billion in the purchasing of chocolate every year {1a}. Not realizing the process it takes, where it comes from or who has to prepare it. How in DALOA, Ivory Coast, Africa, kids….babies really, ranging from the ages as young as 7 to 17 who are forced to prepare beans from the cocoa tree. That later will be turned into the seemingly delicious chocolate we love to enjoy, not realizing the pain that is infused within. So every day while we sleep comfortably in our homes, kids sleep in small crowded rooms with mud covered windows, with a hole barely bigger than a quarter just to allow a little air in. 43% of the world’s cocoa beans come from the small farms in this area {1b}, just saddening.

    The International Labor Organization estimates that 246 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 currently work. This is about 15% of the world’s children and about 35% in Africa. And worldwide more than 10 million children are employed in drug trafficking, sex work and other hazardous labor (source) {2}. This child labor issue is not just sequestered in one area but all over the world, such as Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, among many others.

    Now I can try and speak positive of the many resources that is claimed to be given to a many of us, or try and view the world as others do through rose-tinted glasses, but that would be extremely false. In this day and age and times of the past, it has always been every man for himself or woman; Rich vs. Poor [known as the Middle Class nowadays] or even White vs. Black. Why not come together as a whole community, in unity thriving together. The problem starts and lies in the Hate for one another, therefore resulting in Division; divided by race, color, class, income, and the strong vs. weak. I could keep going but you get my point. If we could each look through one another’s eyes clearly and finally get an understanding of each other and the world we live in, maybe just maybe we could work towards a better world, a healthier one. One where other races and classes of people are not dominated by one another emptied of one’s identity. Forced to live in a mold consisting of another person’s or group’s ideal of how and who we should be. But one that realizes that the world is not a bottomless pit of supplies, but sees that it has its limits. That if we are able to work as a unit, collectively, we can then work also to keep this world afloat.

    • 1a –1b Article: A Taste of Slavery,http://vision.ucsd.edu/~kbranson/stopchocolateslavery/atasteofslavery.html
    • 2 — {http://filipspagnoli.wordpress.com/stats-on-human-rights/statistics-on-labor-conditions/statistics-on-child-labor/

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    I perched on the end of a chair at a table in McDonald’s while waiting for artery-clogging goodness, laughing and joking with my friends, my main concern why my food at the world’s fastest fast food restaurant was taking so long. The girls piled up at the table with me, and we sat teasing each other as we routinely do. Kids ran in and out of the playroom, screa……ming as if no one else was there. Sullen employees grunted out order numbers while faking trying to fake a smile. Another night at the golden arches. Nonchalantly, I let my eyes rove the crowded restaurant until they came to rest on the TV screen; my mouth fell open:


    “Guys, guys…look!!”

    One by one, the table fell silent. A noticeable hush came over several adults in the dining area, the noise from the playroom and cash registers becoming a dull hum. “Zimmerman acquitted of all charges…Zimmerman found not guilty….” scrolled across the bottom of the screen like a continuous bad joke. A black woman standing below the TV shook her head and walked off; nausea splashed to the pit of my stomach.

    “This is so disgusting,” I raged. We all chimed in, angry, our appetites ruined. We all knew it was coming; everyone knew Zimmerman wasn’t going to prison, but hearing the solid words “not guilty” completely extinguished the small, wavering flame of hope in the last shred of good this country might have left. A child was dead, and the American justice system shamelessly proclaimed that it was his own fault.

    My friends and I walked out of McDonald’s fuming, all of us talking at once, our voices rising, curse words flying. Is this really the world we live in? Subversive discrimination that is so blatant that, once one’s eyes are opened, the reality of it all leaves a bitter, black taste at the back of your mouth. Social media held the responses of hundreds who were equally shocked, but the amount of posts suggesting a “kumbayah” approach had me filled with disbelief, almost as much as the verdict itself. Are we really this complacent?

    “Just sit back and wait for karma to get him,” several said. Karma? So we are expected to sit AND wait for the mystical waves of “karma” to bring justice to the oppressed, the marginalized, the deceased? Karma would not have allowed this grown man with blood on his hands to walk free, smiling in the face of the young boy he murdered with no remorse. Meanwhile, a black woman who fired a warning shot at her abusive boyfriend is sentenced to twenty years in prison.

    Yes, you’re right…let’s just wait.

    Let’s continue to wait while the world kills our young people, imprisons our men, and rapes our women. Let’s just wait for the equality that has not existed since we unwillingly stepped foot onto the shores of “The Land of the Free”. Let’s sit and wait for a better life in a world that is becoming more chaotic, more racially driven, and more biased towards those already in power.

    And while we sit and wait, anticipating a pat on the head for our willing participation in our degradation, those greedy for a return to what is normal in this country will look down upon us, and smile.


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